Kudos to Mr. Mason for leading the Math Department for the past five years.

To Andrea Wilson for always, always making my day better.

Kudos to the School Counseling office, Lisa, Andrea, Chris, and Nicole for having another great year.

Thank you to everyone who has made my time at Owings Mills so wonderful.  I have truly enjoyed working with each of you and wish you all the best.  I hope I’ll get to stop by for Lighthouse learning walks next year! – Amanda

Thank you to the English department for allowing me to serve as the Department Chair; it has been a truly fantastic experience. – Amanda

Thank you to the administration for all of their help as I learn the ropes and prepare for my next adventure. – Amanda

Sending a huge thank you to Ms. Furst for your amazing insight, your help and guidance, and your eagerness to help everyone around you.  Your attitude always brightens those around you! Good luck as you move on, remember to always show up to your duties and do not forget about us little people.

Kudos to Mrs. Russell – Thank you for making my transition into high school smooth and sound. Your leadership has not gone unnoticed and I am beyond grateful 🙂

Ms. Meyer – Thank you for making my one and only PE teaching experience a memorable one.

Kudos to my officemate Mr. Leese.  You rock!

Much love to my OC crew!

Bowen, Calise, Marinucci, Meghan

Kudos to the entire staff for supporting, caring working hard, having humor throughout the first Lighthouse School year.  Great job to all!

Kudo all of us!  WE ALL ROCK!  Come celebrate our successes at the VFW following the faculty meeting Monday, June 12!

To Lisa Drylie.  Always on top of it!!

                                                Final Kudos of the Year (2016-17)

The following kudos is designed with the (ideal) theory of lifting spirits worldwide (or, um, schoolwide). If you’re reading these kudos, they will be pleasing to your senses, without question. Use the boxes to the left of the items to remember that you may not need to see any bullet points again for a few months. In addition, YOU’RE WELCOME!

Sarah Hohlfeld (or Hohlfield, as the kids say)à the most wonderful, resilient, silly, and supportive work wife (or, er, “co-teacher”) a guy could ask for. Whoever is writing this is pretty sure she and he should teach more classes together. It’s for the kids, yall!

☐ Courtney Yates – It was bittersweet when we thought she was leaving. Bitter for us, sweet for her. Because she is staying, it is sweet for us! She’s also a Lovely across desks buddy!

☐ Kevin Vasile – what a fantastic addition to the OM English Department! I can’t wait to see what he does with the journalism program next year! He is also tremendously generous and a fount of wisdom for all who seek him. You’ve been advised.

☐ Lara Goldkamp – Lara did an amazing job taking over the English 10 and 11 self-contained classes! It is also wonderful to discuss all things Disneyworld with her.

☐ Nancy Adler – Nancy grew on me this year, like a pleasant fungus. In all seriousness, her sense of humor is stealthily incredible and she is a “mom” to so many of her students. I enjoyed exalting the Queen in our English 12 class.

☐ Emily Blumenauer – Once, twice, three times a…mommy! Emily is so fun to talk to in the English office. She keeps things lively and entertaining. I’ve also heard she’s a pretty good teacher. You could just ask…

☐ Catie Glass – She clearly soaked up all of Emily’s words of wisdom like an academic sponge. She has done an admirable job filling in for Emily and been a tremendous resource for many of her students. I Love that she is always talking about FOOD!!!

☐ Gabe Lewin – for being my main homie in the English office! A couple of dads with way more than a couple dad jokes!

☐ Mindy Sauter – Mindy is like the godfather of the English department, which isn’t to say she’s mannish. She is a sage to be sought out in great times of need and has oodles of ideas when your personal well runneth dry. Consult as needed and prepare to make an offer she can’t refuse.

☐ Amanda Furst – Our fearless leader is leaving us for a higher calling. It’s difficult to fully express how much we (I) appreciate what Amanda has done the past two years. She does so many seemingly small things, but when I think about the time it takes for those tasks, I am extremely grateful that she handles those tasks. Amanda also takes the orders from above and makes them manageable for us and in most cases, not horribly dreadful. Lastly, Amanda laughs at just enough of my jokes to satisfy my comedic ego. Thank you and good luck, though she won’t need it.

☐ Laura Koehler – she is a tremendous leader, even under sometimes very difficult circumstances.

☐ Abbey Campbell – for believing in all of us to make our school a Lighthouse school. Growth is not always easy, but it is necessary.

☐ Elliot Flam – testing, testing, testing…

☐ Latonya Wallace – for being the force of discipline that so many students need and a delightful smile, to boot!

☐ Cynthia McClain-Purdie –  she kicks kids’ butts, but they and I Love her for it. The payoff is worth its weight in gold. I learned some good stuff from her, too.

☐ Bishop Moore – kids Love him and it shows. He really raised the game of our chorus program and inspires kids to be greater than themselves.

☐ Mike Bennett – who doesn’t Love Hobo Claus?

☐ Samantha Berk – for grinding out her first year of teaching, with some tough kids, and still came to work every day. Thank you!

☐ Kathleen Pelletier – thank you for stabilizing the paperwork side of things in Special Ed. Also, she is always great for a conversation.

☐ Tom Blumenauer – you and your Tiger Balm came up clutch in a time of need! That was a game changer that morning.

☐ Manny Andre –  the best STAT teacher. I’ve heard about some STAT teachers who add little to their building. Manny adds so much and does so much. It may go a little unrecognized, but he is not to be taken for granted. He’s a key member of the staff!

☐ All ESOL teachers – this does not require an explanation.

☐ Rose Plater – she does all the parts of Special Ed paperwork that Special Educators hate. Thank you is not enough. Her hugs are dope, too.

☐ Lisa Meyer – COFFEE!!! And the Wellness section-always a good read.

☐ Shawn Girch – for being open and sharing his space. He’s a gracious dude who puts up with a lot. Also, dad jokes!

☐ Elaine Gomez – Enjoy retirement! You are a treasure and one of the kindest people I’ve met.

☐ Christina Collins – What you have done in one year is PHENOMENAL! I can’t wait to see what the future holds. The dance program is an inspiration!

☐ Cathleen Russell – Singing Valentines was the coolest thing ever! Please do it again next year? (Maybe a Christmas/Holiday carols thing could be in the works?) Also, the music and arts programs just keep getting better. Thank you.

☐ Donna Denton – for being the Coverage Queen! Could anybody do that job better?

☐ Melissa Bowen – attendance harassment is critical to our school’s success. You better agree!

☐ Kim Borgmann – thank you for the “keys” to success!

☐ The entire “School Counseling” team – for dealing with every schedule complaint from everybody who ever had a scheduling complaint and not punching even one person in the face.

































































































































































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