Kudos to Kathleen Pelletier – For trusting me that I will do what’s best for the students on my caseload.  Her professionalism is simply immaculate.

To Gabe Lewin-He’s just a damn fine human.

Kudos to Mindy Sauter – #genius

Thanks to Sarah Hohlfeld – for always having a growth mindset with regards to my zany ideas.

Kudos to OM Special Ed Department – #flexibility

To Amber Dougherty – for being a cool person to talk to.  I hope she joins us next year!

Kudos to Mrs. Campbell – for trusting us.  I don’t think there’s any higher professional compliment than trusting those people who you put in  place to do the job you expected them to do.  A sincere thank you!

Kudos to Donna for organizing coverage every day for staff who are out of the building.

Kudos to Ms. Widney, Ms. Levin, Ms. Clarke, and Ms. Amick for representing us with the union.

Thanks to Elliot for working gracefully under the fire of testing, teachers, and tantrums….Cynthia

Kudos to Rose Plater for helping me rearrange my schedule and for taking over my proctoring duty so I could attend a team meeting!

Sending a shout out to Ms. Flores for all of her patience during testing.  Every time I proctored she was there keeping students calm and motivated. (It seemed to me that she proctored all the time!)

Kudos to Samantha Berk – for a thankless job, co-teaching with me, assisting our students with whatever was needed!  She is awesome!!

Thanks to Melissa Diepold for helping with American Government planning and resources.  She has been invaluable as well as a fantastic member of the social studies department.

Kudos to Donna Denton and Amy Abbott for throwing a great retirement party for Lisa Meyer – it was so fun!

Thanks to Melissa Bowen for being an unofficial mentor for so many students and a cheerleader for our sports programs.

Sending a shout out to Courtney Yates for being an excellent partner to me as we coached the field hockey team to its best year yet!!

Thank you LaTonya Wallace for your unwavering support for the students and teachers in this building….she will be greatly missed.

Kudos to Courtney Levin and Nancy Widney for working  so diligently on faculty council this year – talk about a thankless job!

Thanks to Mr. Fenlon for always being a positive little ray of sunshine in the English Office.

Kudos to Ms. Hughes for a great first year leading the English Department.

Thanks Ms. Denton for keeping us all in baked goods, coverage, kudos, and basically everything else we need to keep the year running smoothly!

Kudos to Ms. Bowen for always being upbeat, even when she has to remind me for the twentieth time to turn in my attendance.

Kudos to all of my colleagues i the English department for their love, support and patience this year as I dealt with a very difficult time in my life – Gabe.

Sending a shout out to Becky Alvarado for stepping in and assisting our IEP team for an urgent meeting.  You were wonderful and professional and did an amazing job!!

Big thanks to Lara Goldkamp for everything you have done this year – my partner in everything special education!

Kudos to Rose Plater – my right hand and my biggest support!!

Thank you Donna Denton for always finding coverage for our IEP teams when needed – with a smile!

Kudos to all of the teachers who turned in their Teacher Reports!

Thank you Donna Denton for starting our days off with a smile!

Kudos to Kathleen Pelletier for her strength and knowledge in handling parents and others at the Team Meetings.

Sending a shout out to John Novicki for his calming demeanor amongst the chaos!

Kudos to the entire OM faculty/staff who have positively impacted me in some way.  Whether it has been being a listening ear, bouncing ideas off of, or simply being friendly and welcoming throughout my short but seemingly long 3 years at OM.  I have learned a lot and have had a lot of opportunity to help our students alongside of you all.  I may not know the ropes completely just yet, but OM has sure showed me the way!  I hope everyone has a great summer; this year has seemed EXTREMELY long so you all deserve it!  Best wishes…..Ms. Eaddy.

Kudos to Ms. Mackie and Ms. Abiva for being the rock and scissors to my paper. ❤

Thanks Ms. Buckley for another great year of co-teaching and mentorship. 🙂

Thank you Ms. Williams for being a supportive, caring special educator who does so much for our kids.

Kudos to Ms. Denton for doing Kudos on top of everything else she does!!!

Thanks to every single person at OM.  You make our school a great place to come to every day!

Kudos to Donna and Amy for the send off Happy Hour!  OM is in good hands with those two helping with the Social Committee!

Sending a huge thank you to the English department for a great year!

Kudos to “Signor” Tony Paucar.  OMHS won the Lighthouse Lottery when Tony was assigned as our Daly Service Technician.  He works patiently with every student (in English / Spanish) or staff member to resolve any tech problem and never gives p on any device  no matter what challenges it presents.  When on an almost daily basis students hand him “mutilated” devices he will just calmly coax them back to life with his expertise and a few parts.

Kudos to Shannon Olsen and Kayla Franze for bringing so much light to the ESOL office!
































































































































































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