Kudos to Lisa Curry for kicking a** her first two weeks.

Kudos to the PE/Health department of Josh Leese, Lisa Curry and Holly Warner for an awesome first week of classes.

Kudos and thanks to Kathleen Pelletier and Rose Plater for getting IEPs and 504s out quickly!

Sending a shout out to Lara Goldkamp for stepping in as Special Education DC and being proactive in ensuring the needs of our kids are met.

Kudos to Mr. Winner for staying on top of my coaching requirements and for his generosity.

Kudos to leadership and admin for setting an early tone in the building and keeping kids out of the hallways.

Kudos to FALS for surviving the first couple weeks of school and THREE new challenging students.

Sending a shout out to all of the new teachers in the building for surviving their first couple of weeks at OM.  Special kudos to Ms. Amick for her initiative in helping with GSA!!!

Thank you Ms. Furst for continuing to be an inspiration!

Kudos to the Math department for a great first two weeks!

Sending a shout out to Ted for being really helpful with specific advice this week.

Kudos to Maureen for freely sharing her US History resources.

Kudos to Mindy for asking how my first week here was going.

Sending a Kudos to Chris Fenlon for making room 100B a home and providing students with flexible seating options.  My students are really enjoying the standing desk and comfy chair.

Kudos to Jen Filosa for having such a positive, energetic presence the classroom.

Kudos to all of the Paraeducators who did so much work prepping accommodation checklists for special educators.  It is appreciated!

Sending a shout out to Mark Marinucci for being a very supportive department head – a newbie (there’s only three of us 🙂

To Chris Fenlon for always keeping the English Office upbeat and looking for reasons to give out kudos.

Kudos to Beau Ridgway for getting AVID off to a solid start.

Sending a shout out to Amanda Hughes for a great first few weeks of department chair-ship and not minding all the Amanda the first/second jokes.

Kudos to Maureen Buckley for leading the field hockey team to their first win in…awhile.

Shout out to Brandon Simons for helping me decorate my room while I was still in a boot from foot surgery.  I could not have gotten it ready without him.

Kudos to the School Counseling office for keeping it going while welcoming 80+ new students since August 25th.

Kudos to Milana (and her husband Justin) for hosting a fantastic Back to School Party! Thank you!

Sending a shout out to Rose Neal who donated a killer green drink to the Back to School Party!!  Yum!

Kudos to Mike Bennett from the whole Field Hockey team for fixing our goals.









































































































































































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