January 22 – Matt Jurgs (Special Education Math), Marga Ugarte-Caffyn (ESOL Program Facilitator)

January 31 – Chris Buckler (Carpentry/Technology Education D.C.)


February 2 – Shannon Mullaney (ESOL)

February 4 – Chris Fenlon (Special Ed English)

February 5 – Charles Ridgley (Grounds)

February 7 – Cathleen Russell (DC for Visual/Performing Arts)

February 10 – Lena Amick (Social Studies)

February 16 – Beau Ridgway (Math)

February 19 – Emily Donaldson-Martin (ESOL)

February 20 – Gabe Lewin (English)

February 21 – Nancy Widney (ESOL)

February 24 – Melissa Bowen (Office Secretary), Shawn Girch (DC Business)











































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