Teachers Need To Reboot Your Systems

This week’s Leadership Column is courtesy of Ted Winner

As we approach the end of another school year, I was challenged to find a set of articles that would be relevant to educators in the last days of the year. Technology is a wonderful tool, but at times it also can increase educator stress and anxiety. You deserve an opportunity to reboot your brain in order to clean your internal hard drive for next year. I located two articles on the subject that I thought would be helpful. “Summer Break: Tips for Teachers Who Need to Rest and Recharge” and “How Teachers Can Recharge This Summer”(links for both articles included at the end)

A quick summary

  1. Take a break from technology- I particularly like the “I’m away from the office message on your work email, noting that you’ll only be checking it intermittently during the summer.”
  2. Rediscover the pleasure of reading a book- Revisit an author that has inspired you in the past.
  3. Spend time with kids but not in charge of them, often we forget the why we decided to do what we do.
  4. Go on a real vacation, be it a day trip or a week long get away. Do something that’s for you and your family.
  5. Catch up with TV Shows, you know that box in your room that keeps your pets company during the school day.
  6. Tackle the Three Biggest Issues in Your Classroom.
  7. Get Physical, prepare your body for the upcoming year. A house (your mind) is only as strong as its foundation (your health)
  8. Reconnect with Friends and family-Life is too short to let them slip away
  9. Review Your Finances- How do I survive an extra two weeks before my one day pay check
  10. Redecorate-Your classroom-plan what your room will look like next year. Add to it throughout the summer.
  11. Take a day to do nothing “Be a Slug”.



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