Things To Keep In Mind

This week’s Leadership Column is courtesy of: Marga Ugarte-Caffyn

As we finish out the school year, we are trying to muster the energy to get through the rest of testing and final exams. As teachers, we tend to think of others before ourselves. As I am working with my newcomer’s class on healthy habits, I need to look inward at what healthy habits do I have and which I need to make a part of my day.

P.M.A.: Positive Mental Attitude

Many of you have heard me say this often. I try to make it a daily motto. Our jobs can be physically, emotionally, and mentally very draining. The slightest situation can send us into a tailspin. Try to stay positive. When things are out of control, spend your energy dealing with the situation in a positive manner. It took me a long time to learn that when something is in my control, I can spend the energy to influence it. However; what is out of my control, don’t waste the energy. Especially in a negative manner, it’s too draining.

Listen to Your Body (Rest and Nourishment)

I realize after many years, that if I am tired or need rest; it’s best to listen to my body. I will eventually get done what needs to get done. I make an effort to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night. It really makes a difference.   Eating lunch is something I need to work on. How many times do we rush from class to other tasks and not take the time for lunch? This has always been a work in progress for me.

Pick Up a Book; Put Down the Cell Phone (iPad)

As much as I complained about my son and the students’ obsession with electronics, I am guilty of the excessive screen time in the evenings.   This is something I need to put into my daily routine. We need to limit screen time (especially before bed, or during bouts of insomnia.) Unplug and open a book. This is my goal.


Some of you are doing a great job sticking to an exercise routine. We all know, at least 30 minutes a day can make a big difference. So, what am I waiting for ????

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