Celebration of Teamwork

As we close in on the end of the school year, we have much to celebrate.  Once again, OMHS was named among the nation’s top high schools by The Washington Post.  This is due in no small part to your cumulative efforts as teachers and your demonstration of and belief in our students’ capabilities.  Many who know of our changing population would say this is an impossible feat, but we know better than to allow the labels students are assigned to define their capabilities or our beliefs in students’ achievement.  Maintaining and cultivating those beliefs in our school and community culture takes teamwork.

The distance we have come in our Lighthouse Journey is to be celebrated as well.  Consider your initial instructional goals from the start of the school year and look at the learning and progress you and your colleagues have made to investigating formative assessment as a process and seeking ways to involve students in creating success criteria and evaluating their own learning.  While there is certainly more to learn and distance left in this journey, we’re all making positive progress nonetheless.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t address the teamwork it takes to endure a school incident such as the one that took place on May 9th.  It takes everyone of us to listen to kids, hear what they are saying, and respond with care and compassion.  It takes strength of team to love and care for a child who doesn’t yet love himself.  It takes strength of team to ease students’ uneasiness and anxiety.  It takes strength of team to raise kids to believe in themselves, their school, and their community – this is the true testament of your strength and your teamwork.

I appreciate everything you bring to your role as individual teachers and the strength you bring as a team.  -Abbey

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