I Trust You

All, as we navigate the changes we face this year, both those changes we sought and those that have been brought upon us, it is more important than ever that we have a strong sense of trust in ourselves and one another.  It is important for each of you to know that I trust you.  I trust you, as professionals, to make decisions in the best interests of students, always.  I trust you, as people, to build relationships with students and their families that promote their confidence in our decisions.trust-tree

As we enter the second marking period and have to make adjustments to our grading practices, I’ll remind you of the consistencies from past years’ practices:

  • Fair and consistent
  • Opportunities to redo and make-up assignments
  • Utilizing a variety of methods to assess learning
  • Communicate progress to students and parents

Continuing to implement these best practices have helped us avoid major issues with regards to grading and reporting.  The new policy asks us to add to our repertoire of best practices: grading tasks only after practice and feedback.  This is a reasonable practice to which we’re all growing accustomed.  Balancing this new practice with our previous best practices keeps us aligned with the intent of the grading and reporting changes.

While we can’t control BCPS One and the disputes had with SIS; and we have no say in the delivery of information on the heels of decisions we’ve already made, I trust your decisions come from a place of integrity.  When you operate from this place of integrity, I can support you.  I always want to be in a position to support you.  As we navigate changes this marking period, please don’t get bogged down in the minutiae; do maintain your integrity.  Keep doing what you’re doing and focus on bringing a quality lesson and making a difference for kids every day.  I trust you.

For more on building trust, check out this classic article from edutopia:  Building TRUST

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