Make Memories

This past week, my husband Jim and I attended our eighth and final pre-school Christmas program (tear & sniffle).  Our older girls, Elizabeth (9) and Catherine (7) were excited to attend the program, not necessarily to see their sister Anne (4) sing, but to visit their old stomping grounds and reminisce about the playground – and cry injustice at the new equipment there now.

Of course the program was lovely – and funny, really, really funny.  Consider herding groups of 3 and 4 years olds on stage.  I imagine during school rehearsal those little guys practice getting on stage and singing perfectly and stoic.  Throw in a crowd of parents, grandparents, and siblings with cameras and this little concert becomes a side show all its own.  Little hands waving, little mouths grinning toothy, cheesy grins, twirling hair, tugging on ties,  pulling up tights – all for the cameras.  And of course, their little angelic voices warmed everyone’s hearts (and maybe even brought a tear to a certain Grammy’s eye).

Elizabeth and Catherine were proud of their little sister and couldn’t wait to go down to her classroom and meet her teachers and friends – mostly to show off and let it be known from whom their bright, bubbly sister had learned.  They had fun revisiting their own memories of preschool and the places they learned (centers, art, and music were most remembered) and the fun they had there.  What meant the most to them, however, was visiting the people who had loved them all through their preschool years; they wanted to hear their teachers gush about their own memories of them and how big they’d now gotten.  Although they don’t vividly remember what took place in the classroom when they were two or three, they do remember quite well how their teachers and the adults in their little pre-school made them feel.

As we embark on holiday break (all business until 12/23 at 1:55 PM!), my message here is two-fold:  1.)  Consider how our own students feel about OM and the how we make them feel about themselves and about school.  2.) No matter what you do this winter break, be sure to make some memories with friends, family, and loved ones.  Spread love and kindness for those are what make great memories.

Have a wonderful, safe, and healthy break!


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