Patience, Planning, Persistence

Often coined as “survival week,” the days and weeks before winter break can be trying.  We are all ready for a break and students may test your patience.  Try to remember that the challenges some students may present in the coming days are not necessarily about you or the content you’re teaching, but often have to do with outside factors.  Holidays can be stressful for many families; students feel the stress related to grieving a missing family member, financial burden of gift-giving/receiving, not knowing when the next meal will be, or simply having no one to talk to or smile at them.

The best ways for each of us to keep our cool in the face of tried patience is to be prepared – quality planning is key; don’t let up!  Keep students engaged in meaningful instruction and encourage them to persist right through to December 23rd.  Movies and activities should ALWAYS suit the instructional purpose and contribute to students’ learning.  Don’t give in to the doldrums of poor planning and winging it; students will surely take advantage.  Stay strong, plan well, be patient and persistent!

For wellness tips in improving and maintaining your health, check out the new Wellness Tab above.  Each week, our Wellness Champions, Lisa Meyer and Holly Warner, will be offering tips and information to help us all get and stay healthy.  This week…drink up.

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