With Gratitude

Many thanks to Cathleen Russell and the Special Events Committee for pulling off an extremely busy week of events!  Our parents were well received by our student greeters for American Education Week and enjoyed their time in your classrooms.  Feedback from parents was overwhelmingly positive – kudos!  Thank you all, not only for the work you put in to make American Ed Week special, but for the work you do day in and day out to provide care and quality instruction for our students.

Academic Planning and AP Night was a huge success.  Parents and students, both incoming and current students, came out in record numbers to learn about programs and opportunities open to students.  This year, 195 students have been recommended for AP courses and a majority of them turned out to learn course expectations and make informed decisions.  Remember the importance of communicating to students the commitment that they’re making when they register for an AP course; it is not a decision to be taken lightly.

Of the 250 Grade 8 students zoned for OMHS, about 200 families came out to explore electives and find a niche – all great steps in making themselves at hOMe.  As expected, there was healthy anxiety and excitement about the possibilities of high school – and plenty of excitement about the upcoming Wizards game.

Thanks to our SGA officers and advisors for planning and organizing this family friendly, community event.  SGA is planning an initiative to compliment GRIT and I’m inspired by the leadership these students bring to the roles of SGA officers.  We are OM!

Enjoy time this week with family and loved ones.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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