Reflect and Commit

As Quarter 1 comes to a close, this is the perfect time to reflect on what is and is not working for you in your classroom, get input from your students, and regroup on what they – and you – can do better.  Thank you all for your participation in Friday’s brief faculty meeting.  Everyone’s responses can be found in the document titled, “Plus-Delta 10-30-15”.  Click the link below to see all the responses.

Some common positive themes include:

  • Faculty is working together – in and out of the classroom
  • School spirit is way up!
  • Students (and teachers) truly enjoy Enrichment.  Kids are participating more actively and in meaningful ways.

Some areas noted as needing improvement:

  • Consistency and Follow-Through – It is imperative we all hold students to high expectations; that we are monitoring use of bathroom passes, issuing passes for students to be in the hall, and following through with consequences for lateness and other behavior issues.
  • Bell-to-Bell Instruction – students lined up at the door are not engaged in bell-to-bell instruction.  Consider how you can shape your classroom routine so that students are listening during announcements.
  • Quality Sub Plans – There are occasions, expected and unexpected, that teachers have to be out of school.  It is expected that all teachers leave a seating chart, emergency folder with class lists, and a high-quality lesson plan with learning activities suitable for an 85 minute period.  In all likelihood, it is your colleagues who are covering for you; don’t leave them high and dry!

Check out everyone’s thoughts here:  Plus-Delta 10-30-15

Have a great week!

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