Awesome Week!

What a week – and what a weekend!  Thanks to all those who supported Spirit Week either by helping students organize events, participating in spirit week, or supporting with your attendance at the pancake breakfast, festival, and/or football game.  Congrats to the Varsity Football Team for a Homecoming victory vs. Sparrows Point!  Many thanks to Coach Gunthrop for the quality, class, and sportsmanship you bring to our football program and school community!

The festival, game, and dance were well attended and students did not disappoint with their fashion game either – they looked GOOD!  Our Student Government Association did  a fantastic job transforming our hallways and gym into Neverland where students danced the night away!  Truly – an awesome week and a magical weekend for our students.  What a memory for them.  Thank you again to all who contributed!

Let’s make it another great week.  Remember, we are here on Friday from 8am-11:30am for our Differentiating for Academic Language Learners.  Strategies we’ll learn can be used to support all of our students, not just ELLs.  If you plan to attend another MSEA professional development session around the state, please make sure your department chairperson and I are aware of your plans.  PD will be followed by the Hispanic Heritage Month Potluck Luncheon – don’t forget to sign-up to bring a dish!

Have an awesome week!

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