Inspiring Students

Many thanks for your work, teachers – especially today!  Homeroom teachers, you had your work cut out for you with the regular routine of homeroom tasks, Student-Handbook activities, 30-Day Enrollment forms, and enrichment information on top of that.  Thank you for your efforts.

Thanks to everyone in your efforts to roll-out Enrichment as seamlessly as it did.  The planning, sweat, and tears that went into preparing for today were well worth it as every student got a little inspiration from the passion they shared with others today.  Teachers, thank you for sharing your passion with students – or even faking it to support students and provide an opportunity for students to enjoy their passion, meet friends, and get connected.  It was awesome to see students exercising (we’re talking burpees, people), dancing, planning, discussing, learning, and engaging with teachers and peers in genuine personal interests and passions.  Truly an awesome day and a fantastic opening for Enrichment!

Our students handled the transitions beautifully – and everyone was eager to engage (even the HSA remediation students getting a crash course in US court cases), so thank you for preparing meaningful activities and allowing your students to take charge of their learning in connecting with OM.

Have a great weekend; stay dry.  Go Eagles – beat the Bulls!

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