This week’s Leadership Column is submitted by Lisa Meyer

Leadership Column

What do you do for you? Better yet, do you do anything for you? We all need outlets, down time and social time. Driving to and from school doesn’t count. Neither does going to the bathroom since the dog or kids barge into the room. The beginning of school is generally the worst time to try to accomplish all we need to do plus take time for ourselves. However it is probably the most important time. How can we expect to be good for others when we don’t function at nearly 100%. We give and give to everyone else until there isn’t anything left in the tank.

Health, wellness and fitness is the first day lesson in Fitness Mastery. All are interrelated and the backbone of the course. Health is defined as the state of optimal physical, mental and social well-being. Wellness is the state that allows a person to reach his or her highest potential. Fitness is defined as the ability of the body to work together efficiently. The bottom line is they all suffer due to the vicious cycle of no time, too tired. If you don’t take time/make time to get in decent shape, you can’t be optimally healthy and therefore wellness can’t be achieved because you aren’t able to work at your highest potential.

If you care for your family, friends, coworkers and students, you have to care for you. Take a minute to honestly assess what you do for you. How can you be better to you? How can you be less stressed, eat better, exercise more and relax more? If you don’t take time to be well, you will have to find time to be ill.

Health is a relationship between you and your body. Individuals needs to take charge of their own wellness. Be proactive. Don’t wait for the engine to blow . . . get an oil change or tune up every so often. Not to get all “science-y” but increased levels of endorphins and serotonin in the body are known for boosting emotions. Both of these chemicals are affected by physical activity and nutrition. By being in a positive state, it has a significant impact on motivation, productivity and wellness. Get those chemical levels up!!

No one said taking care of yourself is easy. Most teachers don’t think of themselves at all. As the saying goes “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Take that step and more. Be good to yourself. You matter.

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