Forging Positive Relationships

Thank you all for a fantastic opening of school!  I’ve visited numerous classrooms and observed our students in action and I’ve talked with many different students who all are excited about their teachers, classes, and possibilities for this school year.  We’ll blink and it will be over so thanks for your work in making each of those days in between memorable and exciting!

It is no secret that these first weeks are important for you and students as you forge new relationships.  Research by Dr. Hunter Gehlbach, educational psychologist, indicates that relationships with students are shaped throughout the year and go through various stages, but the foundation of that relationship as with any relationship is most important.  Dr. Gehlbach’s research shows that positive relationships between teachers and students lead to a variety of improved outcomes, including better classroom management, greater sense of belonging at school, and lower rates of disciplinary issues.

As you begin to get to know and relate to your students, consider an introductory survey created specifically for teachers and students get to know each other. The survey was designed by former teachers and researchers at Panorama Education, and is part of a free research pilot. This survey is meant to help develop strong relationships between teachers and each and every one of their students.  I encourage you to use this tool with your classes within the first few weeks of the school year.

Check out this link to create a free account for you and your students to access:

Thanks for being awesome!

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