Welcome Back!

Welcome to the 2015-16 school year! There are two weeks until students return and although students left for the summer in June, many teachers and staff have been busy since then planning for the new school year.

Just after school ended, the Leadership Team reviewed student achievement data and stakeholder feedback to develop initiatives that will move us toward our vision and mission. Faculty will have choice in selecting a professional learning community that will serve both your professional learning goals and the needs of our students. You’ll hear more about these PLCs from our leadership team during opening week:

  • Understanding Students
  • Feedback to Students
  • Student-Centered Learning

Vision – Building a culture that fosters intellectual integrity with challenging academic expectations and empowers seekers of new knowledge.

Mission – In cooperation with all partners, Owings Mills High School will deliver excellence in teaching and learning that develops self-advocating, life-long learners who are prepared for an ever-changing global landscape.

In achieving our mission, we all play a critical role in helping students develop skills necessary for success. Among those skills essential to success is critical reading. We’ll discuss the topic and strategies in-depth throughout the year as teaching of critical reading skills will be imbedded in our School Progress Plan, Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs), on-going professional development, and daily classroom instruction.

Among others engaged in summer work were the Freshman Seminar Team, the AVID Site Team, the Climate Committee, and a newly formed Spirit Committee that will collaborate with existing committees and our Student Government Association to initiate some new traditions and assist in implementing Enrichment Fridays. Expect to hear more about Enrichment Fridays, Class Cup, and GRIT during our opening week.

Please mark your calendars for some upcoming events:

  • Thursday, August 20th 6:00-8:00 PM – New Student Orientation
  • Thursday, September 3rd 6:00-8:00 PM – Back to School Night
  • October 5-9 – Spirit Week
  • Saturday, October 10th – Homecoming Carnival, Football Game, and Dance
  • Friday, October 16th – Differentiating Instruction PD 8:00-11:30 AM

Teachers return on Monday, August 17th at 7:45 a.m. Please review the draft of the opening week agenda which was sent via email. Note that we begin at 7:45 AM each day, except Wednesday, which is BCPS Content Area PD – see your chairperson for times and locations. We will begin on Monday with breakfast, courtesy of the PTSA, and a faculty meeting in the library where we will meet and welcome new faculty and staff members:

Ms. Laura Koehler                              Assistant Principal                                                             Mr. Michael Serio                               BCPS Consulting Teacher                                                  Ms. Lisa Drylie                                    Counseling Department Chairperson                               Ms. Amanda Furst                              English Department Chairperson                                   Ms. Kaitlin Verkest                             Special Education Department Chairperson

TBA                                                        Business Education Teacher                                                Ms. April Sigmon                                English Teacher                                                                   Ms. Courtney Yates                            English Teacher                                                                    Ms. Holly Warner                               Health/Social Studies Teacher                                        Ms. Rose Jankiewicz                          Health Assistant                                                                      Ms. Dinea Mahoney                           Math & Computer Science Teacher                                    Ms. Angela Novak                               Math Teacher                                                                           Mr. Dimitri Nassar                             Music Teacher                                                                     Ms. Milana Marksamer                      Spanish Teacher                                                                 Ms. Dana Evans                                   Special Education FALS Teacher                                      Ms. Erria Williams                              Special Education Math Teacher                                     Mr. Chris Fenlon                                 Special Education English Teacher TBA                                                        Special Education FALS Teacher TBA                                                        Speech Pathologist

As you look to plan for the opening weeks of school, remember to bring your best lesson on Day One – this should be a lesson that gets kids excited about your class and your content.  It helps too for students to learn a little about you and each other.  For tips on getting your classes off to a great start, check out this blog post by Fred Jones:  Starting the School Year On the Right Foot

I look forward to another productive, successful school year. Enjoy the remaining days of summer!


Abbey E. Campbell                                                                                                                         Principal

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