This week’s Leadership Column is submitted by Renee Crabbe

                                                         OMHS is Truly a Family

As I begin to fill empty cardboard boxes with personal belongings, I can’t help but think about all of the wonderful people I will miss. So many of you have been very supportive throughout the years, therefore, I will refrain from including names in fear that I may forget to mention someone. In 2007, I accepted the offer to join the Owings Mills High School staff. So many people shared how supportive and caring staff were toward each other. I automatically thought that it was a sales pitch to help me feel comfortable. As each day passed, I quickly realized that the support and care from staff was in fact true and genuine. Working with all of you have allowed me to experience how to band together during times of triumphs and tragedies. Over the years, we have had our share of both.

So to my dearest OMHS family, I will not miss my u-shaped desk, double computer monitors, comfortable office chair, assigned parking space, Mickey Mouse gifts on my desk, nor the multi-colored lockers. When I walk out the doors for the last time as an OMHS staff member, I will be overwhelmed with emotion and know for certain that I will miss all of you.

Always remember that it is not the school that make the people – it is the people who make the school.

Submitted by,

Renee Crabbe

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