This week’s column is courtesy of Renee Kimmel……

kimmel        Dear OMHS Staff,

Two years ago I made the decision to be the PTSA President of Owings Mills High School, something I had not ever thought about doing. I was nervous about accepting this position and quite honestly I wasn’t really sure what the responsibilities were for this job. I just decided to do what I thought was right for the school, spending countless hours trying to make a difference. Many people told me I was crazy to accept this opportunity, thank goodness for those that told me “not crazy, just passionate.”

I ate, slept, and breathed OMHS…always looking for the next idea to make sure that you all knew that the hard work you do is appreciated. I wanted the community to know about the great things happening in our school. There was so much to brag about. Thank you to those that “liked” our posts on Facebook and retweeted the PTSA tweets.

I will miss seeing you and hearing about the new and exciting things happening, so I will continue to follow OMHS on Facebook and Twitter. I consider myself lucky to have made so many friends during these two years. Thank for your kind words, your smiles and hellos when I stopped by school, and your support at the PTSA sponsored events.

It has been an honor serving as President of the OMHS PTSA.

I wish all of you a very relaxing summer!

Renée Kimmel

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