This week’s Leadership Column is courtesy of LaTonya Wallace

Niceness! By: LaTonya Wallace

There are exactly three ways to define the word “nice”, according to the dictionary. The first is the ability to “give pleasure or joy.” The second is defined as “attractive or of good quality.” The third is simple and straightforward; someone who is nice is “kind, polite, and friendly.” Sounds pretty uplifting. So as I reflect on why niceness may be something good to possess, I came up with six reasons:

  • It’s a natural behavior
  • It could help me live longer
  • I’m happier when I’m kind
  • It was the key to my success and I hope it will be the key to my student’s success
  • It brings me less stress
  • Lastly, but most important: It just feels better

An intriguing article was shared with the administrative team that was written by a Principal who was retiring after 21 years as a Principal. This article is not intended for you to change who you are or to guilt you into being nice to kids, but what it does or did for me was reminded me that “niceness” does matter. As I share this article with you I am not saying to remove your firmness and fairness and replace it with being nice, but you are being asked to reflect on how we as educators can impact the lives of young people. Enjoy………..

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