This week’s Leadership Column is courtesy of Becky Plovan…..

When deciding what to write about for my stint on the newsletter, I had a billion ideas. Should I talk about school culture or growth mindset? How about cross-curricular lesson planning? Wait…I’m the English chair, right? So shouldn’t I be talking about reading strategies or giving how-to advice for writing essays or offering grammar tips? You see what I mean? I just started and I am off to a very good start in reading that billion. The reason I have all of these ideas is because, first of all, they are things that bother me or intrigue me. I have a pretty focused work ethic and I’m not very flexible with others sometimes about taking care of the job of teaching and leading and learning. This easily irritated brain of mine doesn’t often let me be flexible, so I look for ways to be better about that. The second reason I have all of these ideas is because I follow Edutopia on Facebook. They post several times a day with all kinds of interesting and useful materials – from focusing on school climate to dealing with larger class sizes in these days of budget cuts and changing ratios. They also have a website –– in case you don’t have a Facebook account.

Click on the link and give it a try. The site is free and they really do offer a lot of ideas for the classroom, for professional development, for personal “perking up” – really anything you could need (or didn’t know you needed until you saw it). No…they do not pay me, nor am I connected to them in any way. I ran across the page by accident and I am very glad I did. I have gained so much.

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